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It started with one café, and a mission to create

Toronto’s best coffee

Thor Espresso Bar was launched in 2010 - a progressive, third-wave independent coffee shop with a laser focus on providing great coffee while setting ambitious sustainability goals and lessening its environmental impact.

Sharing in this same commitment and values, flagship Odin Café + Bar was introduced to Corktown in 2015-2020 and a second Thor Espresso to trendy Queen West in 2018. Each boasts coffee industry “firsts”: the first Slayer espresso machine in Toronto; the first Ritual mobile ordering merchant; the first third-wave café with a completely plant-based menu.


A decade later, we continue to evolve the coffee industry in Toronto and the GTA. With the launch of ODIN COFFEE ROASTERS and our investment in the first Bellwether Roaster in Canada, we build on our commitment to innovation, the environment, and to achieving the perfect cup of coffee.

At Odin Coffee Roasters, our coffee is not just exceptional, it’s perfected

Through our partnerships we seek out like-minded coffee farmers to bring you the highest-quality, sustainable and ethical coffee, one small batch at a time.


We’re the first coffee company in Canada to introduce the Bellwether, a state-of-the art, zero-emissions roaster for the most advanced, precise and consistent coffee roasting in Toronto. Combined with our meticulously selected and sustainably sourced beans, the end result is a customized, exceptional small batch coffee for the perfect cup.

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